Viper Remote Start Troubles Chevy Malibu 2005

Hello! New member here.

I recently started to get weird symptoms from my 2005 Chevy Malibu. The first symptom is that when I start my car with the actual key, it turns on normally and then shuts off automatically. This does not happen when I turn it on with the keyfob itself. The second symptom is when I let my car sit overnight, it will not start anymore. The battery keeps getting drained. I have a feeling it might be the remote start that is also causing this issue. I disconnect the battery overnight and plug it back in the morning it turns on fine. Are these two symptoms linked to this remote start problem or could the battery issue be an alternator issue? I’ve been having the key problem for about four months but the battery issue just started about a month ago. As you can tell this issue is pretty annoying. I would take the car to a shop but every shop around me is booked for at least a few days and I want to attempt to fix the problem on my own before doing so. I have a viper remote system with model number 4105V. If anybody can help me out on this issue it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!!!

Call around to vehicle alarm shops and see if they can disconnect this Viper thingy. Unless you can do it yourself and see if that solves the problems.


Aftermarket remote starters and alarm systems seem to cause many people problems, especially draining the battery. If there is a fuse for the Viper (there should be, likely an inline fuse), try removing it.


Viper’s a good brand. If it was installed right, it’s not going to be a problem. Call around to alarm shops and see if they can check it over. Uninstalling isn’t always the only answer.