2008 Camry hybrid - replace battery or not

For 2020 model year and up Toyota has increased the warranty on the HV battery to 10 years/150,000 miles for all U.S. vehicles. Few failures occur within this period so they have little to lose.

I have a co-worker that replaces 5 to 6 HV batteries each month, most of these vehicles are 2008 to 2010 model year. Post back when your HV battery fails.

Any info on how many miles those cars had on them?

Typically between 90,000 and 150,000 miles. This is city driving, people generally don’t accumulate a lot of miles here.

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Good to know. Like I said above, I’d roll the dice on keeping the car, the cost for the battery fix isn’t bad, all things considered. And who knows, it could go several more years.

you have good chances to get to 200K on your original battery if you do not let it sit idle for long periods of time

the manual recommends starting the car and recharging the traction battery something like once in 3 months or so at the least

I bought dirt-cheap 2005 Prius with similar chemistry batteries, where high-voltage (traction) battery died after a year or so where vehicle was driven only a couple of times. Upon refurbishing my own battery (where cost was under $300 plus my elbow grease) this car is back on the road as my kid first car, works great for 2 years already.

Is the traction battery the chemical battery in the trunk? Never heard it called that. Mine wore out after 11 years. I think it was $175 or so but not bad for 11 years

No, the traction battery is the big battery, the battery you replaced is the 12v one.