2007 Buick Lucerne - jerks

My Lucerne is experiencing a glitch in the transmission to where is seems to not go back in low gear at a stop and when you try to go it jerks into gear and makes you feel as if you have hit from the back. It also sometimes shudders or slips into gear instead of the jerk response.

You might get lucky, try a transmission filter and fluid change.

I just bought this car at a dealership a couple of weeks ago. And I am trying to get them to repair the car since they sold to me as a certified used car and it comes with a warranty of being a car without mechanical issues. We will see if they will honor their warranty or not.

If the technician does not experience the problem take him for a ride and demonstrate the problem.

A 13 year old car does not qualify as a GM CPO vehicle, CPO vehicles can be no more than 6 model years of age. Did you buy this car from a dealership or a used car lot?

I bought this car from a dealership and they contacted me today and offered to take back the car and get me another car or suv of similar cost; since they were unaware of the transmission issues when they took it in on trade. I ’ ll let you know how this works out.

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Used car world.
12 yr old car. Got it for very little on trade in.
Needs new trans.
Which costs more than they paid for car.
Easy way out for them? You return it.
Off to auction. Since buyer can’t test it.

Try some slow speed driving , stop and go, etc with the gear shift lever set to first gear only, if such a thing is possible on that vehicle. Might provide a clue anyway. Weird jerking behavior in slow speed driving can be caused by problems in the fuel system too.

Went to the dealer today and they were not going to help me in any way except to take the car back if I was to buy something way more expensive. I will keep the car and hope for the best.