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2008 Buick LaCrosse electronic issues

Electronic issues; hit & miss keyless entry; one or more doors don’t lock, radio push buttons aren’t working; have to use radio dial; no help with dealer & not on recall when purchased. Any recourse with GMC; doubt car can be traded, etc.

10 year old car… Unlikely GM will do anything for you.

There could be some intermittent broken wires in the door jambs causing the lock issue or just sticky mechanisms causing the problem. For the radio problem you can either have the radio repaired or replace it with another similar unit. Ebay is a good place to get an OEM replacement for it. There are also places that repair radios. These kind of issues are just expected to come up with older used cars and you either put up with it, have the issues fixed, or purchase a newer car that has a warranty period on it. It is usually less expensive to keep a used car repaired rather than making monthly new car payments. Decisions that the owner has to take into account.

The problems you describe can be caused by a defective Body Control Module.


Thanks; very informative.

Tester brings up a very good point with the BCM. I still suspect that these issues may be due to other things, especially the radio tuning. If there is a problem within the BCM I would have to prove it first before replacing it. It is most likely pretty expensive to replace.

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