2008 BMW X5 CEL comes on once or twice a week


I have a 2008 BMW X5 4.8l, with 195,927 miles on it. My check engine light comes on one or two times a week. When the engine light comes on, the vehicle hesitates and only after I accelerate, will the engine smooth over. I had it checked out and was told it is a fault in the DME for the valuetronic servomotor on Bank 1.
Cost of Repair:
Replaced the valuetronic actuator for bank 1.
** Labor-$148.50

Parts cost:
**Valuetronic actuator for Bank 1 $397.83

I need your good advice. Thank you. Angela

As always a second opinion is a good idea . If you are asking about the price that is hard to say as your location and what shop you are using is unknown . Frankly there are no cheap repairs on European luxury vehicles.

My advice is to get rid of this car before it bankrupts you.

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