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'03 BMW x5

We have a BMW X5, and we have a “check engine” light that doesn’t want to turn off. my husband is a mechanic and he’s going to “get rid of [my]car” if he doesn’t figure it out!! he’s tried an 02 sensor, map sensor… other mechanic things, even bought a gadget to read the codes. when we think we get it finally figured out after ordering yet another part… BING! it comes on! i believe this was the first year BMW started making the X5… is this just a think with them? please help!!! i love my car!!

Any codes by number? I think first year was 1999, six or 8 cyl? An orderly process can get this fixed,that’s your job, to slow down the frustration. I am a BMW tech (OK ex-Tech and did not make master,but worked on a ton of them since 1984).