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2015 BMW X1 - Repair Worries

I have been told get rid of my 2015 BMW X1 because it has 100,500 miles on it, they feel it might cause me expense repair bills. What has been your experience?

It is a fact that European luxury vehicles ( BMW-Volvo-Mercedes-Jaguar ) are expensive to repair . Some how I think this is a choice that only you can make . Would a 3 to 5 thousand repair invoice cause to dislike the vehicle or would you just say that is less than car payments might be a year.

My only question is at what looks like 30000 miles a year why are you not driving a more fuel efficient vehicle.


We had a 2014 X3. We found that the repairs and maintenance costs went up dramatically in the fourth year of ownership and ditched it for a Mazda CX-5, which we enjoy much more. It also cost about 50% less despite being much more luxurious. We may have toughed it out, but the two BMW dealers we used stopped offering loaner cars in the Boston Metro area. Which Mazda does have. Heck, even our local Meineke shop has loaners.