2008 Acura TL battery dead and automatic seat won’t move

My Battery is dead in my car and my automatic seat will not move

well, if the battery is dead the seat won’t move. you need to have the battery checked and probably replaced. a little more info is needed. Did the seat move before the battery went dead? if not I would check to see if the fuses and relay are good. check to see if the connection under the seat is clean and connected. make sure there is no broken wires under the seat. if you hear the seat motor trying to run you can have something blocking the track.

To follow up, did you have any symptoms before the battery went dead? Had the car been sitting?

Just a wild guess but a new battery might solve that seat moving problem.

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That’s what is known as a clue.


If, after you replace the dead battery, the new one goes dead overnight again, suspect the bluetooth interface module. Some TL drivers were starting to have parasitic drain issues with it shortly before I sold mine.

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Unless you’re sitting in the car and you can’t get out because of the seat position, I don’t see why the seat is such a high priority when you obviously can’t drive the car anyway.

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