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2007 Volvo XC90 Issues -- Any Suggestions

Good morning everyone! I’m hoping that someone on here has a Volvo and goes to a good service dept. I have a 2007 XC90 and have been having issues with it… I’ve been taking it to the dealer but they can NEVER find the issues and end up making it worse.

The dealer says “they cannot recreate the problem in the shop”. I’ve driven a mechanic around and he heard it… But when they went to fix it – they “couldn’t recreate the sounds”.

I’ve literally had it in the shop numerous times for this… It’s been an ongoing problem and I’m sick to death of it. I don’t feel safe in it anymore. This is so frustrating!!!

So far here are the problems…

Very loud idle — this weekend this OLD OLD pick up truck was beside me at a light and he got out to make sure it wasn’t his truck.

Sluggish — it seems like it’s not getting enough “juice”

Clunking sound when backing up — I get this LOUD clunk when backing up… SOmetimes I’m using the brake other times I’m not.

Vibrating very badly when driving and stopped. It’s so bad you can feel it in the steering wheel and when driving it will make your hand numb.

The sun roof rattles every time you hit a bump. Took it to the dealer (this time an hour away)… They “tightened” the belts… But as soon as I left the dealer last night – it started back up.

I’m wondering if a gas additive might help the sluggishness. I recently had a 4 cylinder as a “service loaner” and it had more power than my XC90.

The dealer(s) (I’ve now been to two dealers) can’t find anything wrong… But numerous people have heard it. I even had my boss drive it…He heard the sounds… But why can’t the dealers find anything or more importantly fix anything???

This is so frustrating… I loved my XC90

but now I literally HATE driving it. I think something bad is wrong and they don’t want to fix it… I don’t feel safe. It’s past the mileage to apply for the MD lemon law… So if I traded it I’d lose 10 grand. URGH!!!

I would be happy to recommend my friend’s Volvo dealership mechanic, but it is in Florida. Maybe you should try to find a non-dealership Volvo specialist.

When I have a hard-to-recreate problem, I invite my mechanic to drive my car for a few days until the problem reappears. Perhaps you could try asking your trusted mechanic to do that with your car to see if it helps her/him figure out what is wrong.

Unfortunately, good Volvo mechanics are hard to come by. Do any of your friends drive Volvos? If so, ask them to recommend someone.

Loud idle…a knocking sound?
Vibrating badly when stopped
Clunking sound when backing up, whether parking brakes are used or not
-------A bad engine mount or tranny mount can cause all three of these symptoms.

Sluggeshness could als be due to a bd mount affecting the operation of the accelerator linkage…it’s a stretch, but the only other thought is to get the engine on an engine analyzer…at an independent shop. This is assuming the basic maintenance has been kept up to date.

The sun roof may not be closing tightly and it may be controlled via a body controol mudule and be reprogrammable…mine is. Ask the dealer service department about this possibility. Don’t ask the “representative” behind the counter, call and ask for the shop manager.

Clearly this dealer has no interest in your problems. In future you might return the favor by showing no interest in his dealership.

I work with this lady who just got rid of her XC90. She had so many problems with it and spent thousands in repairs. She traded it for a Murano and lost a lot of money. She had to cut her losses.

My co-worker also would ask other people who had a XC90 if they had problems and she said they had the same problems as her. Her problems were wheel bearings and brakes,turbo failure too many to list.