2005 Volvo XC90 Clicking Noise

I have a 2005 Volvo X90 T6 AWD with 70k on it. It has driven fine, made a cross country trip and back, had all of the maintenance done. Recently, the car has been making a clicking noise. If the car has cooled down completely, especially in the cold weather, when you start it up and give it a little gas, it makes a ticking/clicking noise. You had to give it about half throttle and it will click continuously until the car has warmed up. I took it to the dealer, the popped it up on the rack and had someone hit the gas. It sounded like something was rattling in the drive shaft that goes to the back wheels. They said that it was a piece of weld that had broken off and was rattling around and it would cost me $1500 to replace the drive shaft. That does not sit right with me since the sound goes away after the car is warmed up. This car has plenty of potential and I do not want to trade it in. This is my parents car which will so be signed over to me so I need to figure out if I should give it back to them and go get my own or not.

Find an indepenent Volvo mechanic or Euro specialist and get a 2nd opinion. It is a good way to meet your future mechanic if you decide to take this vehicle. It makes no sense using dealer for a vehicle like this once warranty expires.