To Repair or Not

My 2002 Volvo SUV with 91,000 miles was making a whining sound when the engine stopped. It did not happen when I took it for a repair but they found that my top engine mount was torn and my angle gear was not working. Cost to fix est. is $3100. I am clueless, should I trade it or keep it? THANKS!!! diane

Find an independent mechanic for 2nd opinion. Hopefully Volvo versed.

If it stops making the noise and you have the itch to move onto something else, now is the time.

Thanks for responding. How do I find an independent mechanic and how do I know he is good?

Is the car running now? If so I agree with a second opinion. The mechanic files on this website could help, or ask around. I am not sure what an angle gear is.

  1. Go to the Mechanics File on this website and find a recommended mechanic in your area–preferrably one recommended by several people

  2. Ask friends, coworkers, acquaintances who a good mechanic is.

  3. Look up your prospects found in 1) and 2) on the Better Business Bureau website. Hopefully (yes, I know this this is grammatically incorrect), you will find one that is recommended on this website AND recommended by someone you know AND has a good Better Business Bureau rating.


I would recommend using google and searching Volvo forums

Usually you can find a local chapter within one and then post there for a recommendation. I found an incredible mechanic for a past VW there and my current Subaru by looking at brand specific forums inside my region.