2007 Volkswagen Beetle - My bug eats bulbs

my 07 beetle headlight keeps going out. ive bought 3 pulbs in less than 6 mos. what could this issue be?

Are you sure the bulbs are burning out> this could be your problem…

New Beetle 2007 Beetle intermittent Headlights fix. - YouTube

Next time it happens, remove the old headlight, then put it back in. If it works, problem isn’t headlight itself, probably something in headlight circuit wiring or connections. No experience w/your make/model, but some car headlight circuits use circuit breakers. In that config if there’s a short circuit in the headlight wiring, the CB will heat up and turn off, then when it cools down it will turn back on again.

Switch bulbs left to right to confirm that it is burning out. Also, don’t touch the bulb with you hand. The skin oils can overheat the bulb and make it fail early. Always wear gloves when handling new bulbs.

Is any moisture getting inside the housing?