2007 Toyota Yaris - I dropped metal into the engine

Hi. I was filling oil in my wife’s car. She has a 2007 model Toyota Yaris. A metal foil seal fell into my engine while filling it with oil. Is it something I should worry about?

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This is just my take as a non mechanic but I’d be concerned. Foreign objects in your engine have the potential to cause damage. If it were my car I wouldn’t start or drive it until the issue was resolved. See if you can use an inspection mirror and needle nose pliers or forceps to get the piece of foil out. You may need to remove the valve cover but it’s easier and cheaper than engine work. FWIW, I remove the foil seal before the oil bottle is anywhere near the engine for exactly that reason.

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I’d love to hear more about this topic from some of the mechanics. Like stories of what happens after such an event and if the foil is not retrieved. Thx

You have 2 possible outcomes. One good and one expensive.

  1. Nothing will happen or 2) The foil will block an oil passage, likely a drainback passage, and damage an expensive engine

I haven’t seen 2) happen, but then how would one ever know? Most shops don’t disassemble engines to do a post mortem and even if they did, they might not notice the foil.

If it is my car, that valve cover is coming right off to retrieve the foil.

I wouldn’t worry about it.


I have found oil bottle foil seals in many engines, it happens, no damage resulted.

Not an issue IMO.