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What on earth are these and how did they get in my oil pan?

What on earth are these? I mean they kind of look lie oil jets, they’re pretty small and light, feels like aluminum, they’re clearly some kind of tube with a very tiny pin sized inner diameter. One side of each of them is clean cut but on the other end of them is rough, they clearly snapped off somewhere. one of them looks like it was repeatedly hit. My car has been great though, no check engine lights, noises, etc. Should I be concerned about these?

They look like those tubes which deliver oil to the underside of the pistons to cool them down

Why did you remove the pan . . . to reseal it?

Or because you heard a noise?

To reseal it

If the pan is still off, I would take a real good look to see if my “theory” is correct

If it is, you know that trouble MAY be brewing . . .

Those look like oil jet tubes. This sort of thing is not monitored by the PCM so no fault will be set. Was this a back yard rebuild?

The car has been doing great although I have heard of weisco pistons hitting the oil jets since they expand slightly more, and looking at these pieces it looks like what happened was the piston expanded at operating temperature enough to just barely tap the nozzle of the jet enough to push it down and get hit by the crank, there are small dents on the nozzle but a decent scrape right where the nozzle extends over the cylinder wall. My best guess is that they got tapped down then knocked up and snapped off by the crank or vice versa. I overnighted 4 new ones and plan on trimming them or bending them to clear better. These are fairly easy to install no? I mean with the oil pan off I should have a straight shot to unbolt them right?