2007 Toyota Camry - Voltage issues?

To fellow owners: How soon did you have a high voltage battery problem. How many miles ?

It doesn’t matter. If your alternator is putting out too much voltage, you need to address it so it doesn’t kill your battery. A regular mechanic would be fine, or one who specializes in automobile electrical systems would be fine as well

What makes you think this happens to all 2007 Camries?

@pyrolord314 has it right.

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Hybrid :question:

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I would expect high voltage battery problems sooner or later on a 13 year old hybrid, about once a month I see a replacement high voltage battery pass though the shop, usually for 2006 to 2010 vehicles.

BTW, no alternator on a hybrid.

Oops. I thought the original post was just poorly worded, but it makes sense if this is a hybrid.:confused: