2007 Toyota Camry vibrating at highway speed

I have 2007, Camry V6. The issues are when speeding up to 66mph on highway/freeway it starts vibrating. While it’s on the roads, it vibrates for a good 5 mins continuously. This happens on the new or rough roads.Recently, it loses speed climbing the hill. It won’t go pass 60mph unless I really press hard on gas pedal. Engine light is on . Mechanic said it’s altenator is low on voltage. I just replaced the front passanger axle. When put on reverse and turn to drive, it starts making noises. Previous owner had after market low profile tires, bent, and tires are drivable. Thanks.

What were the codes?

car had low pro tires before.
has stock rims/tires now
has vibration. yep, check wheels for straightness/bends and inspect tires

Need to get the not going over 60mph fixed. Get the codes read and alternator replaced.

I think the high speed vibration is probably a tire or wheel problem. Have all the wheels checked for balance, side to side wobble, and out of round. Moving the tires to different position can sometime help narrow down which ones are causing the problem too.

HI George,

This problem is done.

So I went to a local tire shop and bought 2 fairly used tires but they only have 215/35/R18. Mine is 225/40/R18 . They put them in the front and starting making big noise like the airplane’s engine is ready to take off as soon I start to drive. So I went back the next day. Another tech put on 215/45/R18 and rotate them to the back. It solves 80% of the noise.There are no more shaking/vibration on hwy/freeway when driving over 60mph.


This problem hasn’t solved yet. Going up to the fairly elevation it still does not go pass 60 mph on 2000 rpm.

The alternator has not fixed yet due to the guessing of an auto mechanic thinking it’s the root cause. He

charged us $380 for the right front axle and wanted the $90 for alignment, but we declined. It turned out it’s

the balance and 2 better tires for the front.

The code is P0606 when I took it to the Auto Zone and O’reilly’s for the OBD scanner. Btw, O’reilly’s test my

starter, alternator and battery. He said they are good. P0606 went away for 10 mins when new air filter and

new tires were replaced. But it comes up again and stay.



@ new tires up front (or rotated form the back,) can often temporarily hide an alignment issue. Front tires wear differently than rear tires, and thus until they get “worn in” a bit, your front end may feel ok, but the underlying issues is still there.
I would recommend the $90 alignment- especially after changing front end parts, or if new tires fixes an issue.

The p0606 is an engine computer internal malfunction. Stop by a Toyota dealership shop and ask if there’s any bulletins for that code on your car. There is a bulletin for certain corolla’s and matrix’s for that code. Good for you for getting that pesky tire vibration resolved. Drivability problems at 60 mph+ speeds are often associated with not getting enough flow rate for gasoline or air into the engine, or not getting the exhaust gasses out of the engine quickly enough. Common sense says to suspect the air filter, fuel filter, fuel pump, cat, or a clog in the exhaust system.