2007 Scion tC - Did this thing throw a rod?

I believe my car has a thrown rod. Other than that it looks beautiful and ran beautifully. I let my daughter and her boyfriend borrow the car for about a month and i ended up having it towed back home because after they added to much oil, it ended up blowing oil out the tail pipe and threw a rod out the bottom of the engine. My question is…do i need to replace the whole engine? What are my options?

If it threw a rod out the bottom of the engine, you need a new engine.

Looking online I can find several 07 Scion tC
One owner, less than 100,000 miles, from $4,500 to $6,500

It will probably cost you that much to put an engine in yours, might be time to just replace your car.


Personally… I’d have the daughter and boyfriend pay to replace the engine in MY car.

But yes, agreed that you’d do best to get a new engine, if not replace the car.

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This type of damage to the engine block is not repairable.

As others stated, your only options are to replace the engine or to replace the car, but given the cost of a new engine, you should probably just replace the car.

You also have the option of asking daughter & boyfriend to pay for the damage that they caused, but only you can decide whether to go down that road. Hopefully you will never again loan them a car.

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