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2005 GMC Sierra 1500 - Threw a rod

Believed to have threw a rod …do you know how much i could be looking at to repair it…i want to sell the truck afterwards

$2500 to $4500 for a new or used engine depending on where you live.

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Ouch! Thank you so much for answering my question. Im close to Nashville Tennessee

And if you replace the engine the core charge must be included in the estimate because a thrown rod turns the core into scrap iron.

How is the rest of the truck. If it is rust free, especially down around the rocker panels, certain body styles are desirable I.e short bed reg cab. It might be better off if you sell without the engine. You can get a reman high performance engine 5.3L with new heads for $3500 from Summit Racing, but either you will have to install it your self or find a mechanic to do it for you. Then you may need one of their upgraded 4L60 or 4L80 transmissions to handle the extra horses.

This is only true if you are buying a remanufactured engine. If you are buying a used engine from a junkyard, they don’t care about the condition of the failed engine which you bring back for the “core charge”, and it doesn’t even have to be from the same car–only the same number of cylinders.

I have never succeeded in getting a “core charge” back, because the junkyards here only give you 30 days or less, and I never have the time or desire to give back my used parts during that timeframe.