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2007 Saturn Vue Green Line - Battery issues

A less than 1 year old battery fails with charging system light showing on the dash at start up. I drove 400 yards to Brakes Plus store. After a jump start, the car completely dies including no steering. I put in a new battery. The charging light and now the check engine light are on. I drove back to my garage just 400 yards again. I tried to start the next morning, and the charge and check engine light are still on. I called Markley Motors, the original Saturn dealer. They said I need to have the car towed in. They have had the car10 days and still cannot find the origin of the problem. I am totally disabled, and cannot walk. Therefore if the car fails and leaves me stranded, I will have a medical emergency. Does anybody know what is causing this problem?

No one can diagnose your electrical problem from the internet without access to your car. The old dealer has the best chance to find and fix your problem but if they can’t, it needs to get towed to another shop. Preferrably one with more competent technicians.

Since you replaced the battery, the trouble you are now having is most likely due to an alternator problem or in the wiring to it. The battery and the alternator both work together and it is sometimes wise to also replace the alternator when replacing the battery.