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Saturn Vue 2003 battery light on and the light on the light dash board dimmed

A week ago I noticed that the Truck ( 2003 Saturn Vue AWD) doesn’t go up hill easily anymore, then one night when I was driving the horn started going off and on for sometimes. Also the radio turned off. This morning I have the heater on and light on I drove for about 20 mns; I stopped at the ATM machine, turned the engine off. When I restarted the car the battery light came on and the dashboard light was dimmed. I was about 5 mns from home so I made home.

Any help on how to fix issue this issue? I don’t want to get stock on I95 during rush hour.

You should put a charger on the battery. Then have the battery and charging system tested. The battery could be old and due for replacement or the alternator might be going bad and not charging the battery.


How old is that battery?

If it’s more than 5 years old, I would just go ahead and replace it.

I agree with @UncleTurbo . . . have that stuff tested