Battery Troubles

My car battery isn’t lasting. Why? (No, I’m not leaving lights on.) My last 2 batteries only lasted 1 year.

Can you provide more information?

What year is your Saturn, and how many miles does it have?

When the batteries are installed, is anyone testing the alternator?

Your alternator may be over/under charging the battery, either of which will damage it. Have your alternator tested.

Another source of a problem could be a battery drain that can cause the symptoms you have. Make sure everything is turning off when you turn off the car including brake lights, radio, interior lights, glove box, trunk and hood lights. If you have automatic locks make sure they are locking all the doors. Sometimes a sticking lock can keep trying to lock the door and kill the battery.

I have a 2003 Saturn L300. It has been a great car for me until recently. Last year my check engine light came on (during the winter and after I had a remote start system professionally installed). I took it to Autozone and they said it was the P0125 code (I think that is correct). This code is for the thermostat, low coolant level, or ECT sensor. My husband replaced the sensor (the cheapest solution) and the check engine light came on again 3 weeks later. Took it back and it was the same code. My temp gauge has always read below the 1/2 mark and the heat/ac work fine. So, I don’t think it is the thermostat and my car’s coolant level is fine. Then the battery died (it was really cold that day, but the battery was only 1 year old) I replaced it, which makes battery #3 for my car. My check engine light stayed on for the remainder of last winter but went off on it’s own when spring arrived. The car ran great until the first cold day this year. My check engine light came on again and it is the same code. And today (not a very cold day) my car wouldn’t start. I assume it is the battery, but I will check today after work. Could I have an electrical short (maybe from the remote start) that is pulling on my battery and/or the computer???

I had a remote start system professionally installed

That could be a problem.  I understand a lot of aftermarket remote starters have caused this kind of problem.

The alternator is bad. Having it replaced tomorrow. Hopefully that will solve the problem and my car will be back on the road in no time.