2005 Saturn Vue Front End "Shudder"

For the past several month while driving my wife’s 2005 Saturn Vue (4 cyl./2wd) we experience severe shudder between 65-70 Mph and while Braking from anything over 35 Mph that shakes the steering wheel, pedals and anything else I touch while driving it. It has no ABS and I recently replaced the rotors and pads. I put it up on jack stands yesterday and I can’t see anything loose in the steering components which brings me to fear the Transaxel or CV being the culprit. The car has over 90k miles. I did find 1 forum that discussed this issue, but that was on 2002 & 2003 models with no resolution, just complaints. I would never have bought the car if I’d have known that there would be no “Haynes” or “Chilton’s” manual on that model. (Detroit is begining the take over.)

Rotate the tires and see if the problem changes in any way. You could even have a bad tire.