2007 prius (27K miles) or 2008 elantra (100K miles)

I have a 2008 elantra with 100k miles on it. It runs fine and has had most of the scheduled maintenance done. I can get a 2007 prius with only 27K miles (probably only had oil changes since it is such low mileage), mainly for the cost of shipping the car from California to Colorado. If I am hoping to keep the car for two more years, is one a better bet than the other?


I’d place my bets on the Prius.

Probably the Prius and while not trying to be too nosy, how is it you’re getting a very low miles Prius for shipping charges?

I only ask due to being curious as to whether this is a family transaction or if you’re being led into a scam on the internet.

For only two years, the Elantra would do. If the Prius is a gift, can you sell it in CA and keep the funds for your next car?

If you only need 2 more years out of a car I’d keep the Hyundai. It should have lots of life left in it and you know the history.

I’d go with the Prius. :smile:

The Elantra is a good car and should have plenty of years left, but the Prius is close to the same age with a quarter of the miles. Yes, take the Prius. Their reliability has been excellent, especially that generation. The newer ones, while still quite good, have not been quite as bulletproof. You’ll also get a nice increase in mpg out of the change.

Keep your current vehicle and pay to have the Prius shipped to you. If the Prius turns out to be a good vehicle after a mechanic inspects it…sell the Elantra.

I’d avoid the Prius. Such low miles is a BAD thing as far as the battery is concerned. And why buy any car that requires shipping? Sounds like it would be difficult to know its true condition.

I’m with @missileman. provided the Prius checks out and does not need a battery. Hang on to the Elantra until all is clear.

The prius is my parents, so I know its history pretty well. They’ve done the oil changes, but probably not much else. I’ll ask if they’ve every had any battery issues. They are getting rid of the car as they just don’t drive very much anymore.

Thanks for the insights - only a crystal ball is really going to help. :slight_smile:

If this Prius is a gift from a relative or friend, that is one thing. If this is something from Craig’s List, it may be a scam. I wouldn’t want to buy the car sight unseen.

Oh, the parents have it, that changes a lot. As long as they’ve driven it periodically (at least weekly) pretty much the whole time, I’d go for the Prius.

I don’t think the NiMH batteries suffer from low usage.
However the Prius battery, being 8 years old, doesn’t have a lot of life left.
But getting a legit car for essentially free makes up for the risk, I think.

OK, since the car is a gift and you know the service history I’m going to change my mind and go for the Prius.

I know my Ford hybrid (same basic technology as the Prius) warns specifically against leaving it undriven for more than 4 weeks.

I agree with asemaster. Take the Prius. I have friends who,have Priuses. None,of them have replaced the main battery. Consumer Reports noted from their survey that battery replacement was quite low among the,subscribers who answer the annual questionnaire. If I have to give up my Sienna or 4Runner and go back to a conventional automobile, the Prius,would be my first choice.

However the Prius battery, being 8 years old, doesn't have a lot of life left.

Why do you say that? I’ve known few people who have 10+ year Prius’s with the original battery. The second generation Prius battery is pretty robust.

My neighbor’s 2002 Prius is still on the original battery. It’s been an excellent car.

Oh for Pete’s sake, fly to Ca. thank your parents in person for the car and drive it back.