2007 Pontiac G5 won't start

I bought a 2007 Pontiac G5 less than a month ago and have been having issues with it starting. We bought a brand new battery, replaced the starter, and replaced the ignition switch. 2 days ago it just wouldn’t start at all, just a single click when I turned the key but it still has power to everything. We towed it to a shop where they looked over everything and told me that the fuse box needs to be replaced which I would need to take it to the GM dealership to do. Does this sound right? Do fuse boxes just go bad and can make the car not start?

The fuse box is most likely far more than just that . . . it’s quite possible the fuse box is also a control module

Don’t know if something on the circuit board is bad . . . such as a bad solder joint, resistor, etc. . . . or maybe a software problem

I’ve seen fuse boxes fail, causing some strange problems.

Without knowing the nature of the fuse box’s problem, and exactly what the diagnosis was, I can’t offer anything more

This sounds like the type of symptoms a car that’s been underwater at some point would have…