Ford Focus won't start


HELP! I just tried to start my 2002 Ford Focus Hatchback. I turned the key and for a split second the radio started to come on, the AC started, and the start up began…then everything died. Now I can’t even get the radio to turn on. The digital clock is still working though. I checked all the fuses and it isn’t that. I’m in florida and it has been damn hot (92 right now), could that have something to do with it? Is it the starter? I’ve had no problems recently. And I really can’t afford to get it towed anywhere right now. HELP!


Are you still using the original battery from 2002? If so, it may be time for a new one. Parts stores will usually test the battery and charging system for you, if you can get the car to them. What happens if you jump it from another car?


Haven’t got another car around to jump on right now. It is not the original battery, this one is only a few years old. There is a bit of build-up around on of the connections though, should I wash that off?


You should clean up the connections, ScotchBrite is the best thing to clean them with. This may be all you need, other than that, you may have blown the fusible link.

In some cars, the fusible link is a large fuse located very close to the + battery cable. In others, it is section of the smaller wire coming off the + battery post, when blown, it will be very flexible.


I got it jumped and took it to Pepboys and got a new battary. Then I went to Walmart for a few things and then stopped for gas. After pumping the gas the car wouldn’t start. When the tow-truck guy came over he looked under the hood. 2 Things of note. First the ‘+’ connection (the one that had ALL of the corrosion) was loose, he tightend it a bit and it started right up) and second the ‘+’ connection was extreamly hot. I am going to take it back to Pepboys asap to have that checked out. What would make the connection hot, cause large scale corrosion on only that connection and drain a relativly new battery (the first battery was only about 1 1/2 to 2 years old?

I feel like I should call in this week, today showtime is while I’m at work…

cost of this problem to date… $95+