2007 Pathfinder door locks

I have a 2007 Pathfinder with the 4.0, I am having a strange problem with door locks and horn. The locks will continually lock and unlock with the engine off, key not in the ignition (actually the keys and key remote are in the house) and the door locks keep locking and unlocking and the horn will beep every 30-45 seconds until either the battery is dead or you disconnect the negative cable. With all doors and lift gate shut there are no interior lights, they do come on whenever you open any of them and go off when you shut them. Any ideas?

sounds like your have a wiring short somewhere which can be a beetch to find . Look at all your “flex” places. Places where the wiring is always flexing , doors , back hatch etc … That could be a tough one .

That’s one of the signs of a bad Body Control Module.



I will look at the wiring to see if there is a bare wire, hopefully in the next couple of days I hope that’s the problem, it’s cheaper to fix…lol. Is there a way to test the BCM to see if it is my problem?

Remove batteries from all remotes. If the problem stops you have a bad remote.