2007 Nissan Sentra Trans Oil Pressure Switch

2007 Nissan Sentra with an automatic transmission. I can’t find this parts location. I have scoured my Chilton book too with no luck. The internet is failing me as well. Anyone have any ideas?

why are you looking for this part?

a very quick search based on limited info did not turn up anything on my end. Did you get a DTC or something?

I have a code indicating the transmission oil pressure switch, I want to check into it. The vehicle shifts poorly and the transmission will overheat on a long drive. Ive cast this car to the back of my driveway and haven’t touched it in months. If I can remedy this easily, I’ll give the car to one of my kids.

There are two transmission oil pressure sensors inside the transmission, I don’t see an oil pressure switch.

share the actual code you have and we may be able to help better.

I fixed the problem. Sold the car. There’s a great story of automotive hardship involved too. I may have gotten an erroneous code or written it down wrong too, who knows. I got the code from a random O’Reilly during a 3 hour road trip.

I gave my son a 97 Explorer and, long story short, it sat in his apartment building parking lot with a tire off the bead for a month and he didn’t have the money to fix it yet. It got a move or be towed sticker, was going to get towed that day. I said tow it to my house. I listed the Sentra and everything wrong with it on Facebook Marketplace for $1000 and ASKED to be low-balled. My phone BLEW UP. It was gone in 2 hours. I now had room for my sons explorer.

He tried to take the rim off and put the spare on when the bad rim unseated the tire, but the studs were ALL breaking off. Hence the tow.