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2006 Saturn Ion Transmission Opportunity

Hello there!

My son, a student at Virginia Tech, has a 2006 Saturn Ion with about 86,000 miles on it. He came home for the holidays and so far we’ve:

  • Replaced all four tires
  • Put new brakes on it
  • Replaced the passenger front rotor
  • Replaced a wheel bearing
  • Replaced one of the O2 Sensors

The car is presenting with an opportunity for a transmission shop boat payment but, we’re looking for an opportunity to make another tuition payment so…

Here’s what’s happening:
Intermittently, when we approach 40 to 45 MPH, instead of shifting into what I would assume would be 4th gear, the automatic transmission seems to shift into neutral. The RPM’s rev up until you take your foot off the gas and it won’t shift back into gear until you slow down to about 30 or 35 MPH. When it does shift back into gear it seems a little ‘clunky’.

We put a code reader on it and the computer has presented with P0700 and P0757 (possibly P0756 as well). It seems like when you clear the code from the computer the issue goes away until it happens again but, we haven’t had it out of the shop long enough to confirm that theory.

It’s currently in the shop (our local garage - seems like a good bunch of guys). They’re going to try a new “TCC switch” and possibly cleaning a screen or filter but they haven’t had time to do it yet so we’re not sure if that’ll work.

My son left this morning in his mother’s Prius complete with the little stick figure family stickers, “VT Mom” sticker, and other emasculating paraphernalia across the back.

Anyone have any idea what the fix might be?


I’m not sure about your vehicle but a quick check on a TCC switch is to just disconnect it. It won’t hurt anything and it will quickly tell you if it’s defective or not. Make sure to reconnect the switch after the test.

Why would they mess around with a TCC switch (I assume solenoid) if you have a code that the the 2-3 shift solenoid (P0757 - the P0700 is just a generic transmission control fault code and is probably derivative). Has this transmission ever been serviced? Has anyone ever had to add fluid to it and did they specifically add Dexron VI?

If it was me I would start with the pan & filter service as your shop plans to do. But if they want to try throwing a part at it, it wouldn’t be the TCC solenoid.

Thanks for the responses!

I’m not sure where the TCC switch (solenoid or whatever) came in. The shop said they read something that thought it could be related to the codes and so they ordered one just in case. I think the plan is to drop the pan and filter and see if that fixes it and, if not, they’ll pop the TCC thing in (I’ll pass on the info about disconnecting it).

Anyway - I’ll post back with any updates. Thanks again for the help.

PS - the transmission has never been serviced but the shop checked the fluid level and everything looked good. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Just wanted to post back and give an update. They dropped the pan and looked at the filter and screen thingy and everything looked good. They replaced the 1-2 and 2-3 shift solenoids (they figured while they had it opened they’d do the 1-2 as well).

Seems to be working great! I’ll post back if it messes up again.