Nissan Sentra Won't Shift into Higher Gears


I have a 2003 Nissan Sentra - Auto Transmission - with about 70,000 miles. Recently it has been having trouble shifting into higher gears (like it is stuck in first or second gear). When I turn off the car and turn it back on the problem is fixed for the rest of the trip (usually). Also, the “check engine soon” light is on and we have already tried replacing the speed sensor (?). Is there anything else we can try other than replacing the transmission? This our mechanic’s final suggestion.

Also, the “check engine soon” light

Where there is a check engine light (CEL) and a service engine soon light. Which is it? The CEL is like the girl in the class waving her hand. It is trying to tell you it has the answer. Just get it read. Some auto part stores will read the code for free. It should be in the format “P0123” Post the results back here.

If it is the service engine light, just get your owner’s manual out and find out what service is currently due. Remember the only authority when it comes to scheduled maintenance is the owner’s manual not the dealer.

You have to find out why the check engine light is on. There should be codes stored in the computer and the mechanic should be able to read them.

Has the transmission fluid been replaced?

I’ll take it to the shop - thanks!


Im having the same exact problem with my nissan sentra 2001 - automatic transmission. The code that it gives is P1130 that stands for swirl control solenoid valve, but the problem is that I have take it to more than 5 mechanics and no one seems to know. Also when the car is iddle and the air coditioner is turn off the car turns off itself. It seems that it has to be a little accelerated to keep running. Unlike the problem of switching to higher gears this always happens.

Please help

I have a 1998 Nissan Sentra auto transmission around 152 thousand miles. It will not shift up into second, and it sputters and dies. When it doesnt die on me it will rev up like it’s going to shift into second but it never does. It has plenty of fluids, I have replaced the mass air flow sensor, which is what code it was telling me, catalytic converter, throttle positioning sensor, fuel pump and fuel filter. Any ideas?