2007 nissan sentra - brake pad/lining replacement costs

My brakes are squealing; going to replace pad or lining; what is typical cost?

There Really Is No “Typical” Cost. Prices Are All Over The Map Figuratively And Vary All Over The Map, Literally.

Are you buying parts and DIYing ?

If you’re going to have it done, pick out a couple places and call for estimates. Be sure when you compare that you’re paying for the same thing in both places.

Usually when one needs pads then one needs new rotors, too. Usually just front or just rear brakes are needed. It’s rare that all wear out at the same time.

Are you sure the brakes are shot ? “Squealing” doesn’t always mean “shot,” unless you’re familiar with that shot sound.


Costs range all over the map. Typically they are advertised at $99-$139 per axle (in my region) but there are always coupons available.

Most regions of the USA have their own small chain of discount brake shops, each going by its own name. Where I live we have http://brakes-4-less.com/locations.html and you may find a similar type of operation in your neck of the woods. I used such a discount shop some 3-4 years ago and I was well-satisfied with the service.

Costs do vary widely.

Be wary of the cheaply priced promotions. They’ll get your car on the lift, then tell you you also need rotors and perhaps other work. They’re “come-ons”. Be sure you know exactly what you’re getting. And yes, you probably will need rotors.

Yes, be careful with the ads. Local store advertised 2 wheel alignment for $28, then they tell me I need a toe adjustment for extra $8. I laughed, told them its okay but I won’t be back here again.