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2007 Nissan Murano

I just got my oil changed and the company replaced my air filter. After about I week I cannot get my car to run for very long. I notice my car shutter at a stoplight. After I arrived home I turned it off thinking no problem. When I went to go start it up again. The vehicles rpms jump up in down usually between one and zero. When the rpms hit zero the car dies and you can do the start it up again and the same thing happens. While it does this routine the car shutters or feels jumpy.

Let me guess.
Was that service performed at a Quick Lube shop?

Anyway, I think it is likely that a vacuum hose was disconnected when the ham-handed “technician” replaced the air filter, as a disconnected vacuum hose can produce those exact symptoms. More than likely, you just need a competent mechanic to lift the hood and reconnect that hose properly.

The other thought that comes to mind is that if you are having a problem with the shutters, perhaps the siding is loose.

I’m sorry.
The Devil made me say that…

It sounds like a surging problem All the air that goes into the engine is supposed to go in only at one point. If air gets in another way, that can cause this surging effect. Besides the good ideas above, it may be there’s a sort of rubber boot between the air cleaner and the throttle body, and that split when the air filter was changed. Or it came loose from either the air cleaner or the throttle body. That could cause this symptom.