2007 Nissan Maxima - Jump start gone wrong

I was jumping a friends 1986 corvette when my car lost all power and the battery was dead. Acted like a computer malfunction. Lights would brighten as fast as they would dim. When my car got jumped was fine until I put it in gear. Complete shutdown. What should I do?

Get both your alternator and your battery tested and be prepared to buy new ones. And don’t jump anyone’s car again.


Good Advice! Years ago I always carried a set of jumper cables but no more. There is no problem with carrying a batter pack in your car to give your own and others’ a boost, as long as you connect red to red.

It sounds like you disturbed a loose battery terminal when you connected the jumper cables, which now not making good contact with the battery post. Remove both terminals, negative first, then clean the terminals and posts, then reconnect, positive first.

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