2007 nissan altima hybrid won't start

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Lisa d 5:07PM
It ran out of gas with the previous owner and they say the steering is new and the hybrid battery is new and the 12 volt is new but when I got it I had to get the 12volt battery trickle charge wich it charge to 80 percent and it still didn’t start only goings from lock,acc,then on never say ready no sound but when I pull the IGCT relay the fans come on but it don’t start what is this relay?is this car just like Toyota primis.do any one now of what could be the problem of this mechanism to get it running I have the only one in my town which no one knows how to work on It…please give me some feed back…thanks
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Sorry I’m not even going to attempt answering that mess. I can’t even follow it.

+1 to PvtPublic’s comment.

I would advise the OP to have a friend or relative who is a native speaker of English re-post the question.

I am speaking English.My phone was typing for me.I have a nissan altima hybrid and it will not start I’m trying to figure out where to start working on to get it going.The 12 volt battery is new and the hybrid battery also.the steering isn’t locking but the person I got it from says it’s new to… Do any one know if this car running out of gas could cause it not to start?When I try to start it.It goes from lock and then acc and then to on but yet the car doesn’t come and and say ready…I’m trying to find anyone with the ability and intelligence about this electric and gas engine… Hope I explain this good enough for someone to give me some useable feed back.thanks in advance… GOD BLESS…

Yes, Nissan licensed Toyota’s hybrid drive system. I doubt you’ll get this fixed outside of a Nissan dealership.