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Nissan altima hybrid 2007

It ran out of gas with the previous owner and they say the steering is new and the hybrid battery is new and the 12 volt is new but when I got it I had to get the 12volt battery trickle charged which it charge to 80 percent and it still didn’t start only go from lock,acc,then on never says ready no sound but when I pull the IGCT relay the fans come on but it don’t start what is this relay?is this car just like Toyota hybrid systems?Does any one now of what could be the problem of this mechanism to get it running I have the only one in my town which no one knows how to work on It…please give me some feed back…thanks

Nissan Dealer.

Seems like a Hybrid-specific code. I can’t find any other info on it. That probably means you need a trip to the Nissan dealer.

U0293, Lost communication between Engine ECU and HV ECU.

Clear the fault and check if it returns.
Inspect the wiring harness for damage between the high voltage ECU and the engine ECU.
Check all fuses.
Does your scan tool communicate with the HV ECU?
Take the vehicle to a professional.

Sorry, I don’t speak Nissanese. You’d get better results talking to someone who does, like Nissan service guy, a participant in a Nissan Forum, or possibly one of the participants in the “Reapair and Maintenenance” Community here. That forum is designed for heavy repair discussions.

You’re going to need a Nissan dealer. He’ll have techs trained in this specific system and have the diagnostic equipment and training to determine exactly what’s wrong… and it may be multiple problems.

There is currently a movement to try to get some type of commonality on hybrid battery systems and components to reduce costs for all manufacturers through the efficiencies of mass production, but currently each car manufacturer is designing their own system and everything in it is proprietary.

Allow me to suggest that you learn from this never to buy a car that isn’t properly operating when you buy it. That very rarely comes out well. I wish I could offer more, but I can’t.

Sincere best.

I’m showing a code UO293 do anyone know what this code is?thanks

Today I was able to crank the car and when I had taking the negative cable off and left it off all night it shows up on the dash but as soon as I crank it the Communication from the battery and the computer in the car in the dash that shows the battery indicator drops and won’t crank again until I take the negative cable off again and put it back on…when I crank it today seems like Spraying carburetor starter in it made it run longer like gas isn’t getting to it…could this sound like a fuel problem also. And lack off the battery communicating with the hybrid battery to crank the car?