2007 Mustang Transmission Oil

What do you guys think is the best for the manual Tremec on this thing. I’m currently running Royal Purple Synchromax, but I honestly haven’t noticed any improvement over the stock Mercon. Is the Mercon V ATF good enough, or should I look at something a little more high grade? Thanks.

I would recommend OEM. I would strongly recommend what ever FORD recommends. Make sure anything you use meets Ford’s specifications. I doubt if there is anything to gain beyond that.

Stick with what the factory recommends.

What sort of “improvement” are you looking for?

Car’s a little harder to shift than I’d like. I put in the Royal Purple right after I bought it to reduce noise, which I guess it did, but only marginally. Time to change out the oil now, so I thought I’d ask.

I have had excellent luck with LE (Lubrication Engineers) transmission fluid in my 1997 Mustang GT 5 speed. It turned a tranny that was getting difficult to shift into a transmission that felt like new. Its hard to find and here is a link to their web site.