2007 Manual Kia Rio Squeal

I have a 2007 Kia Rio manual that has been squealing on start-up. At first I thought it was a belt issue and have been putting it off (I know, I know).
The squealing had been going away after about 15-30 seconds after starting the car cold, but the past couple days the squeal has been returning after shifting gears. It goes away after a bit, but then returns when I shift gears again.

I’m inclined to think there is a bearing in the transmission that is the culprit. I’ve called around to a few shops, they all want to replace the whole transmission rather than a single bearing (which would cost more money than I’m comfortable putting into this car).

Guess I’m wondering if this sounds like a transmission issue or if it could in fact be the belt. I’ve checked over the belt and don’t see any wobble or wear, also can’t notice an issue in tension though I know just enough to get myself in trouble in this area so don’t put too much stock in my own inspection.


You need to take it to a shop and just say it’s making a squealing noise. Don’t mention the transmission, let the mechanic determine the source of the noise.

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You can’t tell if the belt is worn by looking at it anymore.

Replace it.


I would suspect bad belt first, tensioner second.

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