2007 Lexus IS 250 - TPMS

I just put new used wheels/tires on my car. Now the low tire light will not go off. The guy that I bought the wheels from said that he never had sensers installed. Can you have tires without sensers?How do I get this light off?

Yes you can, but not on your car. Your car require sensors. You can make the light go off by adding them to each wheel. They look like this and cost about $35 each. Installation extra, of course.


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Well, technically, her car doesn’t require sensors–unless she wants that warning light to extinguish itself. If she wants a cheap-o solution, a piece of masking tape over the warning light will make it invisible.

I wouldn’t do it, but…

Obviously if you installed tires without any TPMS sensors you are going to get a warning light . the only way to get rid of it is to buy new sensors for each tire , have them installed and the system reset . You are probably looking at $150 -200 for the whole job . Or ignore the light or as someone else said put electrical tape over the light .

Just take the sensors out of the old tires and wheels and install them in the new tires and wheels.


Correct if she still has the old ones , but you have to wonder why she replaced the whole rims to begin with ?

When I got my most recent set of tires at Costco, it cost me $90-something for them to install 4 new TPMS sensors.

You got a bargain then . Even if you buy the sensors on Rock Auto they are $30 - 40 a piece . I also wonder if she will have to have them rebalanced after they install them .

Well, it’s Costco, where everything is a bargain…