2007 Kia Sedona - shut off with warning lights

van shut off on me–these lights came on --abs—tpms–and esc— check engine / battery—which i just bought a new battery— waited 5/ 10 minutes and it started back up—

if those lights came on with the old battery, then it would be normal.
if they came on after you put in the new battery, then you might have another problem.

It’s normal for those dash light to turn on when the key in “on”, but the engine is not running. That’s so you can verify the bulbs are working. I expect those lights are normal. The key question here is: why did your van’s engine turn off? The fact that it started up and ran ok after 10 minutes suggests the problem is heat related. Common parts for heat related failure are the crank sensor and the fuel pump. Is the check engine light on now, I mean with the engine running? Suggest first thing to do is to check the engine oil level and transmission fluid level.