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Strange car problem

10 seconds after turning on the ignition key, all the indicators on the dash will turn off, except that the low engine oil and high anti-freeze temperature light keep flashing. The emergency signal will be on but not flashing. The car refuses to start.

that’s great!

Hint If you ask a question you have a better chance of getting an answer to that question.

It might also be a good idea to tell us what make model and year car you have as well as the number of miles on it and any history of problems the car may have had.

Has anyone looked at the car and maybe determined that the wires to the temperature sensor is in good condition?

If you don’t have a voltmeter to measure battery voltage:
With the door ajar does the interior light stay bright? Try the headlights too.
If it dims down it could be a bad battery or poor connection.
If it stays bright it could be a poor ground connection to the dashboard or the chassis.

Is the oil level okay?

Its a good thing you didn’t include the make, model, and year of your vehicle, because then we might actually be able to give you an answer.


It’s a good thing no one already suggested that.

You’re lucky, because all cars are the same, so we can tell exactly what your problem is based on your vague description.

Just one simple question: what happens to your UNIVERSAL CAR in the time between when you turn on the key and all the indicators turn off?

Ten seconds can be a long time. Something must be happening. Tell us what happens. Please.

Alcohol ignition interlock system activated

You should start a new thread for that. In the meantime, just get someone to blow up a balloon for you. Drive safe!

So if you try to start it without waiting 10 seconds, does it?

Have you tried waving a pregnant goat over the engine electronics?