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Engine shut off

the engine shut off while driving and wont start.


Information, please! What happens when you try to restart it? Did the “check engine” light come on before this happened? Did it die suddenly, like you turned off the ignition, or did it sputter? How many miles on the car?

When I try to restart it cranks but doesn’t start.check engine light didn’t come,it died suddenly and didn’t sputter.the car has 180,000 miles on it.I appreciate your help.

Was the timing belt ever changed? If not, it could have failed.
Basic checks for fuel injection and ignition spark have to be done.

Timing belt was changed a year ago.checked it today and its good.
how do you check fuel injection and ignition spark?

You call over a novice mechanic to do these basic checks. The instructions are in most repair manuals (repair manual of any make).

Did any dashboard lights come on when this happened? Were was the needle on the temperature gauge when this happened? What were you doing when it happened (besides driving)? Had you been driving for a while or had you just started? Was there a rattling noise?

No dashboard lights came on. temperature gauge was normal and drove it for about 50 miles before it shuts off and there was no rattling noise at all.
I think I have to check the ignition control module but I cant find where it is located
any advise?

sudden and complete failure like this sounds like a complete loss of elec. to the firing module…do you have a volt meter…is there any spark or voltage at plug when pulled? I doubt fuel is at issue given the complete and instant loss of engine.

I depend much upon Auto Zone Web site for much of my technical data (Thanks Auto Zone!). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have anything on the Sedona. But, from looking at the data on the other Kias, I don’t think the Sedona has an ICM (Ignition Control Module). It may. May not.
You, or your mechanic, need to obtain the repair manual, online, or from an auto parts store. Spend $20, and save $100s.
You, or your mechanic, can check for spark, and spray some fuel, without a repair manual; thus, performing these two basic checks as a place to start.

Yes, I think you should take it to a local auto parts store so they can check to see if there are any codes stored on the computer. Many auto parts stores will do this for free. If there are any codes, write them down and post them here. They should be actual numbers, not a diagnosis. If the guy at the auto parts store says something like “you need a new…” ask him for the actual error code.

I checked plug and no spark.sprayed starter fuel and crank it, it tries to start didn’t actually start.I don’t have a volt meter but a to repair manuals KIA does not offer it could not find it at any store.I guess I need to tow it to the dealer.But before I do that I should check the ignition control module but could not lay my hands on it. if there is anyone who had change the module, please help me out.