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2012 Kia Sedona - Power goes out

has anyone had this problem. while driving battery, brake lights come on and radio shuts off. power shuts down and eventually the car shuts off and will not start. has to be jumped and will start and lights are off. parts installed… alternator, starter, battery, neg terminal all replaced. can anyone help me please… been working on issue since August 2019

Try changing the ignition switch

Check the condition of the alternator main output lead that ties to battery. It seems that battery isn’t getting charging current from the alternator. At least at certain times. Since the battery was replaced that should be okay. Check the battery wires for internal wire corrosion. if those things are in good shape then check for good power getting to the fuse/relay panel under the hood. Power from there goes to the ignition switch and then to the panel in the dash. By following the power path you will find where the problem is at.