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2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited stuck in neutral

The automatic transmission is stuck in neutral. Can move the shifter but nothing changes. I recently replaced the shifting cable and it seems to be okay. Thinking it’s something electrical. I tried disconnecting the negative on the battery when reconnecting I got an arc. The problem still exists

I’m thinking you need check your fluid level or maybe rebuild the transmission! How many miles on this? 150K or so?

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114k this happened suddenly. I was backing out of a parking space went to put in drive and it went to neutral and stayed there ?? The shifter moves forward and backward but still in neutral ??

Well, suddenly stuff breaks. It happens. I’d suggest towing it to a well rated, independent, transmission shop for a look-see and maybe a rebuild.

This truck is 4wd, right? Is the transfer case in nuetral? It needs to be in 2H. Be nice if you got that lucky and someone bumped the transfer case shifter into N! Why’d you replace the shift cable? Did you do that to try and fix the issue?

The cable was not latching on the transmission shifter. Just worn out. Yes it’s 4wd and yes in 2wd. It’s a 07 Jeep wrangler unlimited. I’m thinking it’s something electrical. I’ve been a shade tree mechanic all my life and can fix most normal issues but this computer world is a bit different. I hate this electric operated stuff and I don’t have an owners manual. Thanks for your response

A transmission rebuild is required. Get an experience transmission expert.

You might as well get used to the ’ electronic stuff ’ because it is here to stay and works quite well.

A little web search will let you find a free owners manual download.

Recheck the shifter cable. Something might have come loose.


I’m thinking the same thing, If you can’t shift into park, you have a linkage problem

That’s correct. Came off in the console. Thanks

Does that mean you have fixed the problem?

First, get under the Jeep and hold the shift lever on the transmission while someone moves the shift lever on the column (or wherever it is) and see if everything is operating as it should.

Also, if the shift cable is not properly adjusted resulting in the transmission lever being between gears when the control lever is positioned in a gear the transmission may be in a virtual neutral but I’m not familiar with the specifics of your transmission.