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2003 Chevrolet Cavalier automatic won't shift to park and reverse its stuck on neutral and drive


I have been driving a 2003 Chevrolet cavalier and the automatic shift is stuck and can only shift to neutral and drive since Thursday morning. It wont go up to reverse and parking and down to the other 3 shifts.

This first happened last April but somehow with the right grip or pressure was able to get back to all the other shifts. Since then it happened 2-3 times as I can remember and now could be getting worse.

Any step by step help like checking the wires and cable etc… would be very much appreciated.

It must be a bad shift cable, you will have to replace it.

I took a metal zip tie and tied the shift cable on. Been working for a coupe of years now. Good luck

7 years to late and they never returned after their first post.

Your going to want to take apart the whole compartment around your shifter to see the cables. It’s usually held in with screws. You will also want to check the cable under the hood where it connects to the transmission. I recently had this issue with my vehicle and after taking apart the compartment inside the vehicle there were pictures and cds and all kinds of junk from the previous owners all around the cables preventing them from working properly. I did have to readjust the length under the dash as the cable got pulled out too far from me forcing the shifter into gears. Also under thhe hood where the cable connects it was pretty rough so i cleaned it up and sprayed it down with some wd-40.