Radio set up

Kia Optima LX: I have a 2006.5 kia optima. I am replacing my stock radio. I have hooked up plenty of radios with out trouble in all o my old cars.

I have hooked up this radio to where I am only getting power to turn the radio on with out sound. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I have hooked up all the wiring according to the radio insert.

I have heard something with the stock amp which I have located in the trunk on the rich side wheel well area. I can not see what I need to change or if I need to.

I need help getting sound to the speakers!

You will probably have to connect the power antenna lead from the stereo to the wire that “turns on” the amp in the trunk. Or there may be another lead that’s hot all the time when you turn on the radio to power accessories. If so, use that one.

Thanks I will try that. I have to pull the trunk apart to get to the amp.

I know I have found the lead that is hot and I used that one to get power to the radio since the standard red wire red wire was not the power source.

If they sell the radio on Crutchfieds site you can look up the radio and your car, order adapters to make it easy

You shouldn’t have to find the amp in the trunk. The wire to turn on the amp was present on the old stereo, so it should be part of the wiring that went to the old stereo, in the dash. Assuming of course that this is your problem.