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2007 Jeep Compass brake light

red brake lite comes on intermitantly sstays on unplugged park brake switch,still on, brake fluid level full, no other lites on comes on and off could just be sittin no bumps wiggled harness nothing changed could the cluster be bad how does level switch work unplugged it no change lite on jump it same help

Please edit this post and use sentence structure so someone will have an idea what you are asking.


Hmm, @bobvanhouten. So, your brake light comes on. You tried unplugging the parking brake switch, you checked the brake fluid level…and nothing changes with that light. it happens sometimes when the car has just been sitting, and the brakes weren’t being used. Your thinking is - maybe the cluster is bad. Is that accurate?

I think the warning light is turned on by a switch making a ground connection. If the emergency brake is tied to that light or the ABS system then those things need to be checked out for a problem. It seems that some wire is getting to ground somehow and shouldn’t be. If you don’t have a factory manual for the wiring it would be a good time to purchase one. Ebay is a good place to find one for a reasonable price.