2007 Honda Fit Sport A/T Whine while reversing

2007 Honda Fit Sport A/T whines only while reversing, and at any temperature. Would this indicate a lubrication issue, and where should I inspect? Transmission fluid is at the correct level.

Is this a new problem?

No, it’s been happening since purchase about a year ago. I’m not the driver and I just found out about it, but the volume has not changed since purchase. It’s fairly loud, like a friction motor based toy car.

It could be normal. Reverse gears often are straight-cut, and make noise, unlike forward gears, which are helical-cut.


Hopefully it is normal, it’s just an unfamiliar sound to me. Is there anything I should look out for in case it isnt?

I’m going to service the transmission soon and have considered that there may be restricted flow through the in-line filter, but wouldn’t that cause noise in any gear? The filter is on top of the transmission so it would be easy while the battery tray is removed.

I wouldn’t worry about it, many of the cars I’ve owned made that kind of noise in reverse.

When you do service it, I’d use Honda brand ATF that I bought at the dealer, not just ‘compatible’ ATF. Hondas’ ATs are picky about the fluid used. Carefully examine the drained fluid for any metal. If it’s clean, I wouldn’t worry at all.

You might post this on a Fit forum, you should get a quick answer there from a fellow Fit owner with your combination of year and AT. At some point they switched to a CVT, I don’t know when that was.


I had a 2007 Honda Fit, automatic, exactly like yours. It did the same thing, whining in reverse.

I never had any trouble with the car, and never worried about the noise.

Drive on.


I concur w/the folks above, likely normal. On some manual transmission cars (of yesteryear, don’t know if it this still applies), those transmissions didn’t have the reverse gear in the lube path at all, just ran on whatever lube was applied when the transmission was installed. The reason that works is reverse operation doesn’t get much driving time.

My 1999 Civic bothered me the same way when new - my friend with a 1997 Civic said the dealer told him it was normal and not to worry, so I have relaxed about it for 22 years and counting.

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