Check Engine Light on 2009 Honda CRV

I don’t drive my CRV very much. It has 4600 miles on it. In the last few months, from time to time the check engine light comes on. Eventually, it goes off. A few weeks ago, when it came on again, I made an appt to take it in. By the time I got there (it’s about 1/2 hour away), it was off. They found nothing wrong. Last week, it went on again, but by the time I made another appt, I told the service desk the light was off. They said, then there is nothing they could do and I should wait until it comes on and then take it in.

This is seeming like cat and mouse. I’ve made sure the gas cap is on tight. What else should I do? And, should I NOT drive it or what?

Did the dealer even hook up the car to the diagnostic computer in the service dept.? Codes should be stored every time the check engine light goes on. You can take the car to many large auto parts stores and they will get the codes as a free service.

Often the problem on a newer car is the gas cap not being replaced firmly after a fill up. You can drive the car since the light is off. IF it goes on and “blinks” on and off that can be a serious problem that needs more immediate attention.

There should be more good information on the check engine light for your car in the owner’s manual.

I assume the dealer hooked it up to diagnostic equipment; they had it for a while (Bay Ridge Honda). I might try to bring it to them tomorrow or at least talk to them. They said they found nothing the first time. It is NOT blinking. I did make sure the gas cap was tight. I just don’t want to damage the car and I was planning on a small road trip today.

Some Early 09 CRVs Have “Check Engine” Lights Illuminating Indicting A Problem That Doesn’t Exist.

I hope they’d have checked to see if your’s was one. They post a DTC P1009 when they wrongly interpret V V T information. A software uprade is the fix.

We’re just guessing. See if you can find out specifically what they’ve done and let us know.


I’ll ask tomorrow and post back. Thanks.

I took the car out of the garage this morning to go to the Honda dealer. And, of course, the check engine light was off. I called the service dept and was told that there is nothing they can do if the light is off. I asked if, when the light comes back on, I can take it to a closer auto place to read the code and was told that if they don’t have honda or volvo equipment the code will mean nothing. VERY CONFUSING!!!

Any parts store that has a scanning device should be compliant with the OBD2 code ports. There MIGHT be some Honda only codes that need their tools, but any OBD2 scanner should work.

Anytime the Check Engine light comes on and then turns off the computer stores what are called history codes. The dealer should be able to pull history codes.

Most parts stores use code readers, not scanners. And some code readers aren’t capable of retrieving history codes.


This is great info. Since the light is off for the time being, I’m OK, but I’ll take it to a dealer soon and get the history. I just knew it stored history. THANKS!

I took it to an Autozone. Crikey! It’s like the Home Depot of cars. Guy there was very nice and checked it for me using the OBDII device. It’s P1157, which is probably some dirt on the air sensor. Not a big deal and I will get it taken care of. WHEW!!!