2007 GMC Yukon XL Starting Issues

Hello, everyone!

I recently bought a used 2007 GMC Yukon XL. The truck is in generally good condition but there are a few issues. (I am hoping they won’t be too expensive to fix!)

Right now, I am finding a starting issue to be the biggest problem.

When I put the key in the ignition, it is like it doesn’t want to turn to start the truck. I have tried taking the key out, putting it back in, giving the key a tiny wiggle, and moving the steering wheel slightly to the left and right while trying to turn the key (thinking it might be locked preventing a start).

Does anyone have an idea as to what this problem might be and how easy (expensive) it will be to fix it? I know it could probably be one of many things. I was thinking that perhaps the ignition was going bad and I would need to buy and install a new one.

Any advice would be much appreciated to give me an idea where to start! I would like to have a little knowledge before going to a mechanic so I will know what is going on.

Thanks so much,

The ignition lock cylinder may be worn out and requires replacement.



I was thinking along those lines. I can do that, no problem!

Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated!

Also it could be the key is too worn or if it’s a replacement key maybe it wasn’t cut just right.

I wouldn’t have thought of that in a million years!

Thanks so much!

I have found this. it’s one more thing you could check out. I would not use it as a permanent fix, but to see if it is your problem just in case it is not the ignition switch.

I expect the problem is as posted above, the key and tumblers in the ignition lock cylinder no longer match. Caused by wear on the key and tumblers with use over time. Usually the key and tumblers wear at similar rates, but not always. I had a related problem with a passenger-side door lock. The original key worked on the driver’s side, and the ignition switch, but stopped working on the passenger side. Same symptom, key acted stuck, wouldn’t turn the lock. The reason was I used the key less frequently on the passenger side door, so it’s tumblers hadn’t worn down as much. I had to remove the lock from the door, take it apart, and file the tumblers to make them a little smaller. Not suggesting you do this. I did it b/c I am a curious sort of person, wanted to see for myself. The task is quite complicated. Instead, as posted above, if this is actually the problem, the best bet is probably to just replace the key & ignition switch ass’y.

If you want to see how it works, keep the old lock and take it apart.

two sided key- trying turning it over and see if that helps. I have a van key that has to be in the correct way to work the ignition, but it works everything else just fine.

Eventually I got tired of it and had another key made off the backup key I had, and all is good. (I always try to leave one key in the the safe/cabinet in case of issues like this.)

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