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2007 Ford Mustang - Switch and radio

When you put key into the ignition switch and turn the key to the on position right before you start the car the radio goes out and the car will start without me turning key rest of the way and the radio will not come back on till switch is turned off

I’d suggest the ignition switch is bad based on that. It acts as if you turned the key all the way to the start position.

You didn’t tell me anything at all about the car so that’s what I’m going with.

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Sorry it’s 2007 Mustang V6 Automatic yeah I’ve looked for shorted out wires and bad first and relays I pulled the fuse for radio (starting) and the radio comes back on it’s like it’s staying in the starting position is there a way to check switch

Yes, with a multi-meter. If the car is going into start mode; crank the starter and turn off the radio, then the ECU is getting a start signal even though you are not turning the key. The ignition switch connector should be near the bottom of the steering column. Not sure which wires to test, I don’t have a wiring diagram for the ignition switch. You’ll need to search for that.

When the key is in “start” position all the aux devices are often automatically powered off. This is so the battery can use all it’s umppph to crank the engine, which requires a whole lot of electrical power. So my concern is that since the radio remain off, the starter may still be cranking the engine even after the engine is already started. If so, this wouldn’t be a good thing. Could be a fire hazard. Good idea to get that possibility checked at a shop asap.