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2007 Ford Edge SE - Sounds like metal on metal

I have a '07 Ford Edge SE with 171K miles. When I push on the gas it sounds like metal running with no oil. I’m thinking one of my belts has thinned to the point it’s completely ineffective.

What belt are you referring to?

I don’t know. I just know when I drive it sounds like the engine is running without any oil. It just sounds like metal parts operating but needing to be lubed.

Does that make any sense?

Not really . I guess you have checked the oil level . If it does this at idle can you raise hood and have some idea where it is coming from ?

Yes. I get regular oil changes so I know it’s not that “oil” is missing. That’s the only way I can describe the sound. And I only hear it when I’m driving, not when the car is idling. That’s why I was thinking it was a belt.

Clearly you are not going to (or rather you should not) fix this yourself. Take it to a mechanic and let them hear the noise.

If you only hear it while driving, I’d guess it is a brake problem.

Again, why do you keep bringing up belts? The only belts on your car are turning whenever the engine is on.

LOL… I’m defnitely not going to attempt any repairs. It has 171K miles so I’m wondering if it’s worth making the repair. If it’s the pulley for the serpentine belt that sounds like it will be costly.

Not the same thing as actually checking the oil level .
Press on brake pedal and see if the noise changes . But I think you need a shop because it does not sound like you can repair this yourself.

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I keep bringing up belts because I hear the noise as soon as I start driving and it doesn’t go away. If the car is moving then the noise is there and it sounds like a piece of equipment running without lubrication–that should have lubrication. My brakes aren’t making any noise when I use them and doesn’t change the “dry metal noise”. Also, in response to checking the oil level, I get regular oil changes, don’t have an oil leak so didn’t really get the correlation/suggestion to check oil levels. I now have an appointment with the mechanic. Thanks for responding. I really appreciate it. Sorry I couldn’t explain the issue better or using proper mechanical lingo.

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You should check your oil weekly or every 2 weeks to make sure you don’t starting burning/leaking oil then run your engine on low oil. Do you have a guess as to where in the engine compartment you are hearing this sound from?

That sound like a dry bearing on one of the pulleys and normally is not an expensive fix. With 171K miles this would be normal to have this problem.

A new belt and idler pulley replacement would be around $100 to 150 near me.
If it is something like an alternator or bearing I would be looking at around $300 with a new alternator and belt.

Much less than a new car payment!!!